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Note: The update below was originally made (and intended to be uploaded to the site) on March 2nd. The reason this didn’t happen is due to a “couple” of technical problems (as well as more personal issues). It should also be noted that just because there isn’t really anything on this temporary page, it doesn’t imply lack of progress on the final product. I understand that this project has been very delayed in its development, but I can assure that the site is undergoing extreme renovations despite the emptiness of this current page. Finally, the “Characters” temporary page is only a list, but will later include a small synopsis on the characters as well as (eventually) links to their individual pages.


April 14th, 2017


I’m back! Regrettably, I haven’t been able to own up to the expected deadline of mid-February. Unfortunately, I’ve had to go to quite a few hospital appointments since January, so there hasn’t been much opportunity for working on the site. Additionally, these hospital trips are due to a few medical complications I’ve been having for a few months which also prevent me from being able to work. Lately, however, I’ve been feeling a little better and hope to get things running again. I updated some things on the website, but things still aren’t at a “presentable” state. I won’t set a deadline this time so I do not get my hopes up just in case something happens again. No matter what happens, though, I’ll use every available chance to write for the site.


Additional Note: I feel like I should at least introduce the characters I’m dedicating the site to, so I made a quick introductory page thing here.

Also, the font is “Coffee at Midnight” by Misti’s Fonts (Mistifonts.com)


March 2nd, 2017


Welcome to ReverseHarem.waifu.pl! This is a page that I'm working on to dedicate to my favorite characters/husbandos from television shows and games. Currently, it's empty, aside from this page... as you can see. I'm putting a lot of hard work and effort into getting the actual website up and running, so this isn't everything I have to offer. There will probably be a few errors and a lot of empty pages once I put the proper site up, so I apologize in advance. I plan on making this a large project, and this is my first website ever, so don't expect this to be fully operational any time soon. For now, however, I must thank you for visiting this page, even if it is practically nonexistent. 

Also, if you're interested, you can check out my current progress on the site by clicking
 this link 



December 31st, 2016